Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How to use ATM Machine

How to use ATM Machine ?
Yes I did not know that before tomorrow. Yesterday I received my debit-cum-ATM card. But honestly speaking , I didn't know how to use ATM card. My dad was not at home. I called my friend. Her cell was switched off. But I was eager to learn about it. I went to nearest ATM Center. I found Door closed. I went inside bank. Asked to Watchman ,why the door is locked.
He said... "Madam ye khula thode hi rakhte hai". I didnt get it.

I asked him how to get in. Then He guided me. "Madam , Insert your card here then only door will open:. Aha. Great. SBI people take care of their customer . Achhi baat hai. I went inside. I had read some article about How to use ATM. But I got confused when I was alone in the ATM room.
Watchmen looked at me. He now understood ki Muje Kuch pata nahi ki How to use ATM.

He said . "Madam , May I help you". I said How will you come inside ? You need my maestro card to get in. Isnt'it ? Not Necessary. he replied. He asked me to click on white switch so the door can open & he can come inside. I did so. He came inside & Guided me.

He first asked me to Insert the card in the ATM Machine. When I inserted the Computer screen changed. Then I was asked to give my PIN number. I typed PIN number. It was touchscreen computer I pressed on Banking Option as I wanted to withdraw some money. I was asked the amount I wanted to withdraw. i wrote it. I was asked to confirm the amount. I pressed yes.
" Wait your transaction is being processed" I saw that message on the screen. within few seconds. I got My money.

I cleared the screen. Clicked on that whte switch. Came outside & thought , Sala unpadh Watchman muj Graduate se jyada Hoshiyar hai.