Monday, January 25, 2010

Is Hindi national language of india ?

If you as an Indian have all your life with a notion that Hindi is National language of India , then i have bad news for you. Hindi is official language of India along with English and other state languages like Marathi, bhojpuri, kannad, malyalam, gujarati, marwadi, punjabi etc.

Declining a petition by 1 person who had asked the court to make it mandatory for all manufacturers and marketers of packaged goods to have all labellings in hindi, as Hindi is national langauge of india. To this the Gujarat Highcourt had asked the person to present any government announcement or any other govt document which says Hindi is our national language.

This topic has been discussed on orkut in the largest India community. And the didnt came as surprise to me as I already knew that Hindi is not national language.

However I am confused. What is the different between Official Language of India and National Language of India ?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Trademark PPT

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Janeshwar Mishra died

Samajwadi Party national vice-president and Rajya Sabha member Janeshwar Mishra died here today after a prolonged illness.He was 80.

According to party sources, Mishra was admitted to SGPGI few days back. He died in the hospital this morning following cardic failure.

Party president Mulayam Singh Yadav has expressed his grief over the sudden demise of Mishra.

Commonly known as 'Chote Lohia', Mishra was associated with the party since long.

Source :

Chindodi Leela dead

Veteran Karnataka theatre and film personality Chindodi Leela died Thursday night in a Bangalore hospital after a brief illness, hospital sources said. She was 72.

Leela single handedly ran the fortunes of a big professional theatre group in Karnataka for over 34 years.

She had undergone bypass surgery last Monday, but she succumbed to heart related ailments at around 10 p.m. Thursday night.

Expressing deep regret over the death of Karnataka's most popular theatre personality, Chief Minister B.S.Yediyurappa said that the state has lost a popular artist who was also involved in many social and developmental activities.

Padmashri recipient, Leela had won the Central Sangeetha Nataka academy award in addition to the Sri Krishnadevaraya Award from the Andhra Pradesh government. The Karnataka government felicitated Leela with several awards, including the Gubbi Veeranna Award, the highest honour for any theatre personality in the state.

Leela headed the Karnataka Nataka Academy and was also a member of the Legislative Council in Karnataka for a term of six years.

She also acted in over 20 films, including "Kiththoor Chennamma", "Gaali Gopura", "Krishnadevaraya" and "Sharapanjara". She also produced a film on the blind music sensation Panchakshari Gavaayi that won the central government best music director National Award for "Hamsalekha". The film also won several state awards.

Leela was born in a family of artists and has been acting in lead roles in professional drama troupes since the age of five. Over 10,000 performances were held of her play "Halli Hudugi". She revived her family's drama company all by herself and made it one of the biggest professional drama troupes in Karnataka.

Chindodi Leela dead news source :

Thursday, January 21, 2010

IPL 2010 live telecast on youtube

Guess what , IPL 2010 will telecast live on youtube , the video sharing website owned by

IPL 2010 organising commitee and Google has tiedup to telecast the IPL 2010 cricket tournament live on youtube with somewhat delay. The IPL 2010 live telecast on you tube will be available to all cricket loving audience around world except USA.

Thus Youtube has acquired content rights for IPL 2009 online telecast. Both the parties will make money from sponsorship and advertisement which will be shown on youtube.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ELECRAMA 2010 exhibition mumbai

ELECRAMA 2010 (an ISO certified event) is a world class forum for convergence of trade and users of the Electrical and Electronics Industry of Indian and world. It is a movement, rather than an event; representative of top quality organizational, technological and management competencies of the new India.

The ultimate showcase and a barometer of the industry's strength and maturity. It offers an unparalleled window of access to a bold new future of immense opportunities to exhibitors, visitors and consumers alike. It endeavors to provide its customer, through traditional Indian values of hospitality, warmth and sophistication, a world class exhibition experience to all participants.

ELECRAMA 2010 exhibition will take place from 20 january to 24 january at Bombay Exhibition Centre Mumbai.

IPL 2010 auction ignores pakistani players ?

The IPL 2010 auction took place today and almost all tv channels in india telecommuted it live.

The very first cricketer to be auctioned was Pakistani all rounder and t20 captain Shahid Afridi.
The base auction price of Pakistani cricketer shahid afridi was Rs. 1.5 crore. None of the IPL team owners made any bid to buy shahid afridi.

At the end of the day when IPL 2010 auction got over, all the pakistani players remain unsold.Non of the IPL franchise owners bought any pakistani cricketer. Indian media as well as Pakistan cricket board has made cry over this issue. Also, Pakistani players are disappointed by this.

None of Pakistani player could play in last years IPL 2009 which was held in South africa due to security reasons.

Pakisatani cricket team feels that Govt of India must have instructed IPL Franchise owners to not to buy pakistani players in IPL 2010 auction due to current political relations between two countries .

However , IPL chairman Lalit modi denied such allegations by saying that each IPL team has its own strategy on the basis of which they bid for players.

I also agree with this statement of lalit modi. For Example, Indian Cricketer Mohammed kaif was not selected in first round in todays IPL 2010 auction as none of team owners wanted to pay high amount for him.

People must understand that IPL is just business. and No India vs Pakistan issue should be given any air during this.