Saturday, September 1, 2007

Maintaining Good Friendship

Making New friends is the favorite hobby of everyone. Check various profiles of Indian youth on & you will surely find this as a common hobby. Every on wants to make new friends. Its is good & easy. But maining good friendship relations is toughest part.

I would like to share some important points for maintaining good friendship.

(1) Control your ego while you are talking with your friends. Never make fun of single friend while standing in a group.

(2) Never ever compare your current friend with your old friends.

(3) Make sure that you behave well with sister/brother of your friend when u visit his/her home.

(4) If your friend is from lower cast never let hi feel that you are trying to push him back.

(5) Never make caste related comments with friends.

(6) Everyone has their own opinions & views. Dont fight with your friends if their views are totally opposite to your views.

(7) Maintain Decency while talking in group mix of Boys & girls friends.

(8) Be always clear about financial matters in groups. Suppose your group is going for movie , amake sure that you have paid the amount for tickets to the friend who initially bought all tickets.

(9) Don't try to be leader of group. Respect is never demanded.

(10) Never ever let ur friend feel that you are using him/her.

Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag Sholay remake

"Ram Gopal verma ki Aaag" is the one of the worst movies ever made in bollywood.
Ramu might have thought that taking Amitabh bachhan as a gabbar singh & ajay devgan as Veeru he will be able to get success & make Aag a superhit movie.

Lots of hype was created for this movie. But I didnt like it at all.

I went to movie theatre with my friends. Half of our group left the theatre in between. they said kitne paap kiye honge to aisi ghatiya movie dekhi. If you want to harras some one then give him a tickts of this movie.

there is not systematic theme in the movie. i could not understad where it started & where it ended. Ram gopal varma did a blunder this time. God Bless him.

Chak de India dekh ke aao. Dil khush Ho jayega. Ram Gopal ki Aag to Buz gai.