Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Wheel of fortune gameshow

KBC started the game shows type programmes on Indian television. But there were many gameshow which wre telecasted on indian television channels like ZEE TV , SONY Television , Door Darshan etc. The shows like "Tol Mol Ke Bol" , "Saanp Sidi" on ZEE TV were grand success.
The another superhit game show was "The Wheel of fortune" hosted by Mohan Kapoor on SONY Entertainment channel which was launched newly that time.

"The Wheel of fortune" was 1st telecasted in 1975 on daytime network television in USA. Wheel of Fortune is longest running gameshow in US television history. The game show still goes on.

In the game , the contestants need to solve some puzzles and then move the wheel of fortune. They are rewarded the prize money mentioned on wheel where it stops. SONY television aired the show in India for initial years and then stopped. Dont you think that they should restart the game The wheel of Fortune once again ?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Beijing 2008 olympic stadium photos

Beijing , China is going to host upcoming Olympic games in August 2008. Here are the photos of Beijing 2008 Olympics stadium , china.

photos no.1 : Beijing 2008 Olympics stadium lights in night.

photos no.2 : Beijing 2008 Olympics stadium white lights

photos no.3 : Beijing 2008 Olympics stadium Inner view.

photos no.4 : Beijing 2008 Olympics stadium colourful lights in night. The stadium looks like bird nest. isn't it ?

photos no.5 : Beijing 2008 Olympics stadium . woooow what a look man.

Olga Kurylenko james bond girl : Filmography

Photo : Olga Kurylenko the new James Bond girl.

Meet Olga Kurylenko the new James Bond girl. The 28 year old Ukranian model and actress Olga Kurylenko will be on big screen as next Bond girl opposite Daniel Craig.

Olga Kurylenko is known as Bond girl 22 succeeded by Eva green Bond girl no.21 who was in last James bond movie Casino Royale.

Olga Kurylenko's film career took of in France in 2005. She won the certificate of excellence award at the 2006 Brooklyn International Film Festival.

Olga Kurylenko will play Camille in the newest 007 film, Quantum of Solace as Bond girl.

Her Filmo Graphy :
L'Annulaire (2005)
Paris, je t'aime
Le Porte-bonheur
Le Serpent
Quantum of Solace (2008)

Sania mirza To become Asia No.1 in WTA rankings

Picture : Sania Mirza : Indian's no.1 Tennis star

Indian Tennis Star Sania Mirza is all set to become No.1 Asian Tennis player in WTA Rankings by beating Chinese ace Na Li.

"I am very happy, I think this is the first time I would be Asian number one, so it's an honour," said Sania Mirza . Her current rank is 32nd overall.

Recently she was very upset with the flag controversy. His manager Mahesh bhupathi even stated that Sania Mirza can stop playing the Tennis for India.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

make money from IPOs

How to make money from IPOs ? ( IPO = Initial Public Offering )
Why IPOs are profitable?
How to apply for an IPO?
Guidelines for investing in new issues
Read Here

Jokes on TATA NANO part -2

Continuing Tata Nano Jokes Series Part 2.

Tata Nano joke no.6 : TATA NANO is so cheap that every one owns it. Hence it results in scarcity of Petrol. An indian aam aadmi goes to petrol pump , the petrol pump person asks him that if he can provide the petrol to them. hehehe

Tata Nano joke no.7 : Arjun Singh ko aek aur chance milega Reservation karneka.

Tata Nano joke no.8 : Their kamwali bai owns Tata Nano car. And makes excuse that there wa puncture in her car thats why she came late.

Tata Nano joke no.9 : A Small TATA NANO CAR will be very useful in traffic jam situation.

Tata Nano joke no.10 : Beggers bhi CAR leke bhikh mangne jayenge.

Tata Nano Photos
Tata Nano Jokes Part 1

Tata Nano Jokes - Making fun of world's cheapest car

While the World is waiting for TATA NANO to hit the roads this year , Some cartoonist and funny people have made fun of TATA NANO. Just have a look at Cartoon JOKES on TATA NANO , world's cheapest car.

Tata Nano Joke No.1 : Some people feared that Tata Nano will create traffic problem on roads. But those idiots don't know that Tata Nano car is for village people in India. The above cartoon shows that every villages in India owns the world's cheapest car. The car is parked at every huts in the village. So it wont create parking problem also.

Tata Nano Joke No.2 : A child asks father for Tana Nano car instead of toy car. This is one of the best joke of this series.

Tata Nano Joke No.3 : A PA of Politician asks him to update his old election campaign. The CAR should be added to existing list of Roti Kapda aur Makan.

Tata Nano Joke no.4 : Sirji Apple kharid rahe hai ya car ?

Tata Nano Joke no.4 : A guy is looking for TATA NANO CAR in exhange of old scooter.

Tata Nano Photos
Tata Nano Jokes Part 2

Thursday, January 24, 2008

what is sensex and bse ? - Basic Guide

What is SENSEX ?
Sensex is a short form of (BSE) Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitive Index. The base value of the Sensex is 100 on April 1, 1979 and the base year of BSE-SENSEX is 1978-79. The oldest index in India SENSEX is made of 30 stocks only. Although the no.30 is small , but these 30 stocks are the the most actively traded stocks in the market and account for half the BSE's market capitalisation. Not only that , these 30 stocks represent 13 sectors of the economy and are leaders in their respective industries.

Who selects 30 stocks for SENSEX ?
The index committee selects the list of 30 stocks which should be be included in SENSEX. Index Committee consists of academicians, mutual fund managers, finance journalists, independent governing board members and other participants in the financial markets.

Criteria to selects 30 stocks for SENSEX ?
~ To be selected The stock should have been traded on each and every trading day for the past one year.
~ The stock should be among the top 150 companies listed by average number of trades and the average value of the trades per day over the past one year.
~ The stock must have been listed on the BSE (Bombay stock exchange ) for at least one year.

Hi. I have tried my best to explain you what is Sensex and what is BSE, I hope this basic guide helps u to get basic information about how sensex works.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oscar award 2008 nominations list

OSCAR award 2008 Nominations for Best Motion Picture

American Gangster
No Country for Old Men
There Will be Blood

OCAR award 2008 Nominations for Best Director - Motion Picture

Joe Wright -- Atonement
Joel and Ethan Coen -- No Country For Old Men
Julian Schnabel -- The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Paul Thomas Anderson -- There Will be Blood
Ridley Scott -- American Gangster

OSCAR awards 2008 Nominations for best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture

Angelina Jolie -- A Mighty Heart
Ellen Page -- Juno
Julie Christie -- Away From Her
Kiera Knightley -- Atonement
Marion Cotillard -- La Vie En Rose

OSCAR awards 2008 Nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture

Daniel Day-Lewis -- There Will Be Blood
Emile Hirsch -- Into the Wild
George Clooney -- Michael Clayton
Johnny Depp -- Sweeney Todd
Viggo Mortensen -- Eastern Promises

OSCAR award 2008 Nominations for Best Performance by an Actress In A Supporting Role

Amy Ryan -- Gone Baby Gone
Cate Blanchett -- I'm Not There
Catherine Keener -- Into the Wild
Ruby Dee -- American Gangster
Tilda Swinton -- Michael Clayton

OSCAR award 2008 Nomination for Best Performance by an Actor In A Supporting Role

Casey Affleck -- The Assassination of Jessie James by the Coward Robert Ford
Hal Holbrook -- Into the Wild
Javier Bardem -- No Country For Old Men
Tom Wilkinson -- Michael Clayton
Tommy Lee Jones -- No Country For Old Men

OSCAR award 2008 Nominations for Best Screenplay (original)

Diablo Cody -- Juno
Judd Apatow -- Knocked Up
Steve Knight -- Eastern Promises
Tamara Jenkins -- The Savages
Tony Gilroy -- Michael Clayton

OSCAR awards 2008 Nominations for Best Screenplay (adapted)

Christopher Hampton -- Atonement
Joel and Ethan Coen -- No Country For Old Men
Sean Penn -- Into the Wild
Paul Thomas Anderson -- There Will Be Blood, adapted from Oil !
Ron Harwood -- The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sensex down : Why indian stock market fall down ?

Today the Indian SENSEX fall by 1430 points in afternoon trade. We can call it Black Monday for Indian Stock Market Dalal Street as the Indian stock markets crashed. Whole day the Investors checking Stock websites , News on sensex on television and on internet.

This is the biggest ever fall in Indian stock market history. Click here to know the top 10 biggest falls in the Indian Stock Market.

The Indian Stocks which fall down are listed below :
Reliance Energy
ACC crashed
Bajaj Auto
Reliance Communications
Tata Motors
Mahindra & Mahindra
Tata Steel
Hindustan Unilever .
Larsen & Toubro
Bharti Airtel
Ambuja Cements

Click here to know why Sensex fall down

Latest Figures when stock market closed today

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Reliance Power issue price fixed at Rs.450

Reliance Power issue price is fixed as Rs 450. How ever the Indian retail investors will get discount of rs.20 per share. I.E. Reliance Power issue price for Retail investors will be rs 430.

Reliance Power IPO was started on 15 january 2008 and closed on 18 january 2008.

Anil Ambani of ADAG said that the MIDCAP for Reliance Power IPO is touching
$100 billion.

The Reliance Power IPO received record subscription of Rs 7,50,000 crore ($190 billion), which is largest ever subscription in an IPO in the history of the global capital markets.

Those who believe that Anil Ambani is not that capable compared to Dhirubhai Ambani or Mukesh ambani, need to rethink due to the success of Anil Ambani in this IPO case.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

XLRI Jamshedpur Announces Online executive mba Programme

XLRI Jamshedpur . INDIA's TOP business schools announced Online MBA Programme for Working professionals.

XLRI Jamshedpur will offer 14 months long Executive MBA programme in Business Management (PGCBM) and Human Resource Management (PGCHRM).

The Last Date for completed Applications to be received at XLRI - 30th January 2008

To know more visit
or send email at

The result for XAT 2008 an MBA entrance exam conducted by XLRI expected to declared on january end.

Shaktisinh gohil appointed as Gujarat congress leader

shaktisinh gohil a politicin from Saurashtra Gujarat has been appointed as Opposition leader from Congress for Gujarat vidhansabha.

Shaktisinh gohil was also a minister when Congress was in rule in Gujarat.

AICC secretary BK Prasad met all elected Congress MLAs and all suggested Shaktisinh gohil's name for opposition leader. BK prasad conveyed the MLAs verdict to Party President Soniya Gandhi who later announced Shaktisinh's name as Gujarat Congress Leader.

Bobby Jindal an Indian USA governor

Photo : Bobby Jindal ( governor of the U.S. state of Louisiana )

Recently an US born Indian Bobby Jindal was elected as governor of the U.S. state of Louisiana. Bobby Jindal is the first elected Indian-American governor in U.S. history .

Bobby Jindal's Real name is Piyush Jindal. He adopted the name "Bobby" from one television programme when he was 4. Although called by Bobby jindal by people around the world , legaly his name remains Piyush Jindal. Bobby was Hindu Punjabi and convert into Christian.

Bobby Jindal has received political science degree from OXFORD University.After completing his graduation from Oxford , He joined McKinsey & Company, a top consultancy company and gave advice to fortune 50 companies.

Ekta Kapoor and 9X presents The Global Indian TV Honours award

Photo : Ekta kapoor ( Balaji Telefilms Limited )

Ekta Kapoor ( Balaji Telefilms Limited ) in association with 9X television channel has launched The Global Indian T.V. Honours. The Trophy was unveiled on 14 January 2008 during press conference in Mumbai.

The Jury is made of famous televisions stars as well as media personalities like Farida Jalal, Aroona Irani, Manish Malhotra, Vikram Phadnis, Anurag Basu, B.P. Singh, Anil Thakraney, Ashwini Yardi, Sanjeev Sharma, Deepak Malvankar, Aly Morani and Neena Gupta. The Global Indian T.V. Honours event will be on February 1 at the Andheri Sports Complex, Mumbai.

Othe than this award , Ekta kapoor's latest daily soap or novel based drama serial "Kya Dil Mein" will telecast on 9X tv channel.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Salman khan's wax statue at Madame Tussauds museum

It's not Mirror there. It's Salman khan's Wax Statue

Salman khan is the 4th bollywood celebrity to get his WAX statue at Madame Tussauds. Madame Tussasuds has statues of Indian bollywood stars Amitabh bachhan , Shahrukh khan , and Aishwarya rai bachhan.

Salman's wax statue is worth 1.62 crores! He beat Madhuri Dixit , Hrithik Roshan, Rani Mukherji, Karan Johar, Kajol, Lata Mangeshkar, Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra and John Abraham in the poll to get his wax statue at Madame Tussauds. More than 10,000 people voted in the poll.

The museum hopes that Salman khan's statues will attract visitors from westetan countries as Salman khan is very popular actor there.

India vs australia live score of Third Test Match

Watch Live score of third test match between India and Australia . Get ball by ball score live update on this blog.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Reliance Power IPO by Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group

Reliance power IPO , the IPO for which Indian investors have been waiting for long is to hit market on 15 jan 2008. The Reliance Power IPO will remain open till 18 jan 2008. The band price for Reliance Power Initial public offer is fixed at rs 405-450. The face value is rs.10 per share. CRISIL haas gives 4 stars to Reliance IPO.

Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, ADAG is expecting to get investment of Rs.10,530 -11,700 by selling of all IPO And if this happens , Anil Ambani will become 2nd richest after his brother Mukesh ambani.

50% shares of Reliance Power will be retained by Anil Ambani group while others will be distributed amongst investors institutions and public of India.

Reliance POWER IPO was just cleared by Supreme Court. Some Grahak suraksha mandal had filed PIL on STAY of Reliance Power IPO.

Are you investing in Reliance Power ?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Manmohan singh visits China

Prime Minister of India Shree Manmohan singh has arrived in neighbor country China. Here he will talk with Indian businessmen , Chinese president , Special representatives from china to discuss on Indian Economy and Chinese economy in leadership summit as well as to discuss on boundry issues and china's stand on indian nuclear programme.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan will also visit Olympic games stadium. Hope His visit to china bring some good result and help in making India - china relations ship better.

To get regular update and news on Manhohan singh's visit to china please visit blog created by me.

Photos : Kites and Uttrayan Festival celebration

Tomorrow on 14th January India is going to celebrate UTTARAYAN - The Kite flying day. Here are the designer kite photos and pictures of how Uttarayan the kite flying festival is celebrated in India and all over world.

Designer Kite Photo looks very beautiful in blue sky

Photo : Sky Full of Kites

A big colourful kite picture

Photo of designer kite

Kites of Indian Flag colours : Orange White and Green

Firki ( Threads ) with which indian fly kites ( patang ) on Uttarayan - Kite flying day.

A designer Kite photograph

Picture of cartoon Kites in the Sky

Photos of Celebration of Festival Kite flying day in India. People of India celebrating UTTARAYAN in terrace with family and friends.

Image of Indian Kite shop

Lead india advertisement video tum chalo

Here is the wonderful video advertisement of Lead India Campaign. Such a great reality show on Indian Television.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Indian Tennis star Sania mirza is upset with Flag controversy

Sania Mirza the the indian tennis star is upset with the flag controversy surrounded her. Few days back when she was in Australia watching a tennis match ,a photogrpaher took photo graph in which indian national flag is at Sania Mirza's feet.

Some social worker filed a case against her for insulting indian national flag and hurting the sentiments of Indian public. Sania mirza has played and win many tennis tournaments for the country. She should not be treated like this. This can be human mistake. suppose you are seating strectching your legs suddenly some one puts small national flag at ur feet and takes picture within a seconds, you can not do anything. Sania mirza is in controvry because she is celeritiy.

Sania's Manager Mahesh bhupati said that Sania Mirza is sad and upset against all this wrong blame game on her. Sania is thinking is it worth to play tennis for india now ?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Bollywood Star Screen Award 2008 winners

The results of Annual Bollywood STAR SCREEN AWARD is out. Aaamir khan's directorial debut Movie Taare Zameen Par won 6 awards.

Here is the details of Bollywood Star screen awards for the year 2007.

Best Director Award
Aamir khan for Taare Zameen Par and Shimit Amin for `Chak De! India' starring Shahrukh Khan.

Best Actor Award Bollywood
Shahrukh khan for Chak de India

Best Actress Award Bollywood
Kareena Kapoor for Jab We Met

Best Comedian Award Bollywood
Irfan khan in "Life in a metro"

Best Story Award
Amol Gupte for Taare Zameen Par

Best child Actor Award
Darsheel Zafary for Taare Zameen Par

Best Lyricist Award
Prasoon Joshi for Taare Zameen Par

Best Music Director
A.R.Rehman for movie GURU

Best Pair on screen
Shahrukh khan and Deepika padukone for OM SHANTI OM

Best Male singer
Soham for the movie LIFE in a Metro

Best Female Singer
Shreya Ghosal for the movie GURU

Best Screen Play Awards
Anurag basu for the movie LIFE in a Metro

Lifetime Achievement Award
Manoj Kumar

Best Debut Male
Ranbeer Kapoor for Sawariya

Best Debut Female
Deepika Padukone for OM SHANTI OM

Best Supporting Actor
Aamir khan as a Art Teacher in the movie Taare Zameen Par

Best Supporting Actress
All Chak de Girls.

For the first time , I m convinced with jury's decision for bollywood awards. All are deserving bollywood stars. Congratulations to them.

Narendramodi threatened to not to enter tamilnadu

Some political party in Tamilnadu has threatend Narendra Modi to not to enter Tamilnadu. If he does so then wont be able to return alive. Read Here

What is this ? What About Democracy ?

These people blammed Narendra Modi for killer of Democracy when Multiplex owners decided to not to show Aamir khan's Fanna last year.And today they are Threatenning him the person who won the election of gujarat last month and currently workign as a Chief Minister of the state.

Last year Also , when Modi was to visit Mumbai to attend one rally there , thousands of people , samajwadi party and some pseudo secularists protests agains his visit to mumbai and said Narendra Modi should not be allowed to enter Mumbai. What is this ?

If you blame Ricky ponting and Steve Bucknor as a cheater what you are doign is bigger than that.

Stop Modi bashing !

Thursday, January 10, 2008

TATA NANO Photos / car pictures

TATA Launched world's cheapest car TATA NANO.
Have a look at photo gallery of Tata NANO cars.

TATA NANO CAR Photos : Yellow model front look

TATA NANO CAR Photos : Ratan Tala stading near newly launched WOrld's cheapest car NANO

TATA NANO CAR Photos : Yellow model side look

TATA NANO CAR Photos : White model front look

Tata Nano JOkes 1
Tata Nano Jokes 2

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

India us nuclear deal presentation

As promised , we are going to post useful guide for the students for making Micro presentation on various topics. We are going to post presentations on 43 topics in next week. Hope it will help the MBA students.

India us nuclear deal Micro presentation Cotent

(1) INDIA – US NUCLEAR DEAL – The Benefits

the above wesite contains content related to
Benefits to US ( United State of America )
Economic Benefits
Political Benefits
Military Benefits

Benefits to India
Economic Benefits
Political Benefits
Military Benefits
Technological Leapfrog

US Congress and its Support

(2) India - Us agreement on Nuclear deal
Indian Primiminister Manmohan Singh and US President George Bush
gives join statement on India US Nuclear deal

(3) Left Parties like CPI , CPM oppose the India US Nuclear deal
Prakash karat on India us Nuclear deal video 1:-
Prakash karat on India us Nuclear deal video 2:-

(4) The U.S.-India Nuclear Deal : Basic information
* Introduction
* What are the terms of the India us nuclear deal?
* What kind of technology would India receive in return?
* What do proponents say about the india us nuclear deal?
* What are the objections to the agreement?
* Who needs to approve the agreement?
* What effect will the U.S.-India deal have on the NPT?
* What role does China play in the U.S.-Indian nuclear deal?
* What effect will the deal have on U.S. and Indian relations with Pakistan?
* What’s the history of India’s nuclear program?

(5) All Information about nuclear power

(6) What does the Indian us nuclear deal mean ?

( This post is 1 part of upcoming series of 43 micro presentations Icfai students need to present for admission into Icfai business school MBA programme. )

List of Indian Bschools who accept cat score

Friends , today The IIMs are going to declare the CAT 2007 Result which was conducted on 19th november. I hope that you all will get good percentiles. In case you see bad percentiles on IIM website dont lose te hope. There are many other institutes where u can get admission using cat score. Here is the list of bschools of india which participated in CAT 2007 and will give admission to their mba programme on the basis of cat score and gdpi.

Bschools Who accept CAT scores :-
1 ABV Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management, Gwalior
2 Academy of Management Studies, Bhubaneswar
3 ACCMAN Institute of Management, Greater Noida
4 Alliance Business Academy, Bangalore
5 Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore
6 Apeejay School of Management, New Delhi
7 Aravali Institute of Management, Jodhpur
8 Army Institute of Management & Technology, Greater Noida
9 Army Institute of Management, Kolkata
10 Asian School of Business Management, Bhubaneswar
11 Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi
12 Bengal Institute of Technology & Management, Shantinikhetan
13 Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Trichy
14 Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida
15 Centre for Management Training & Research, Mohali
16 College of Agribusiness Management, Pantnagar
17 Delhi School of Professional Studies & Research
18 Department of Business Administration, Lucknow
19 Department of Business Management, Calcutta Univ.
20 Department of Business Management, Ludhiana
21 Department of Commerce, University of Calcutta, Kolkata
22 Department of Management, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
23 Department of Management Studies, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad
24 Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management, Kolkata
25 Eastern Institute of Management, Kolkata
26 EMPI Business School, New Delhi
27 EMPI Institute of Advertising , Communication & Management (AdCoM), New Delhi
28 Faculty of Management Studies, Varanasi
29 FORE School of Management, New Delhi
30 Fortune Institute of International Business, New Delhi
31 Gitam Institute of Foreign Trade, Vishakapatanam
32 Globsyn Business School, Kolkata
33 Graduate School of Business & Administration, Greater Noida
34 Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata
35 IILM Institute for Higher Education, Gurgaon
36 Indian Business Academy, Bangalore
37 Indian Institute of e-Business Management, Pune
38 Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal
39 Indian Institute of Management Training (IIMT), Pune
40 Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management, Kolkata
41 Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management, Gwalior
42 Institute for Financial Management and Research, Chennai
43 Institute for Integrated Learning in Management (IILM), New Delhi
44 Institute of Agri Business Management, Bikaner
45 Institute of Business Management & Research, Bangalore
46 Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata
47 Institute of Finance and International Management, Bangalore
48 Institute of Management Development & Research, Pune
49 Institute of Management Education, Ghaziabad
50 Institute of Management Nirma University, Ahmedabad
51 Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad
52 Institute of Management Technology - Ghaziabad
53 Institute of Management Technology - Nagpur
54 Institute of Marketing & Management, New Delhi
55 Institute of Petroleum Management, Gandhinagar (IPMG)
56 Institute of Productivity & Management, Meerut
57 Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad
58 Integrated Academy of Management and Technology, Ghaziabad
59 International Institute for Special Education, Lucknow
60 International Management Institute, New Delhi
61 International School of Management Excellence, Bangalore
62 Invertis Institute of Management Studies, Bareilly
63 Ishan Institute of Management & Technology, Greater Noida
64 ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai
65 Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Delhi
66 Jaganath International Managemnet,New Delhi
67 Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur
68 Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow
69 Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida
70 JIS College of Engineering, Kalyani
71 JK Institute of Management, Gurgaon
72 K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai
73 Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies, Harihar
74 Kohinoor Business School, Khandala
75 Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management & Technology, Bareilly
76 Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Delhi
77 Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
78 Management Institute of Durgapur
79 Mangalmay Institute of Management Studies,Greater Nodia
80 Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal
81 Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad
82 Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad (MICA)
83 Narula Institute of Technology, Kolkata
84 National Institute of Bank Management, Pune
85 National Institute of Technology, Krurukshetra
86 National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli
87 National Insurance Academy, Pune
88 National Power Training Institute, Faridabad
89 New Delhi Institute of Management, New Delhi
90 NIILM Centre for Management Studies, New Delhi
91 Pailan College of Management & Technology, Kolkata
92 Pearl School of Business, Gurgaon
93 PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore
94 Rakshpal Bahadur Management Institute, Bareilly
95 S D M Institute for Management Development, Mysore
96 S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai
97 School of Management Sciences, Varanasi
98 School of Management Studies, Hyderabad
99 School of Management, Department of Management Studies, Pondicherry
100 Shri. Ramswaroop Memorial College of Engineering and Management, Lucknow
101 Sri Sringeri Sharada Institute of Management, New Delhi
102 SRM University, Kancheepuram
103 SSN School of Management & Computer Applications, Chennai
104 Suryadatta Group of Institutes, Pune
105 T. A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal
106 University Business School, Chandigarh
107 University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Gurgaon
108 Vaikunth Mehta National Institute of Co-operative Management, Pune
109 Vignana Jyothi Instititute of Management, Secunderabad
110 VIT-Business School, Vellore Instistute of Technology, Vellore
111 Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Mumbai

check cutoffs for this bschools click here.

Photos Taj mahal Agra india and History

Beautiful photo tajmahal agra india

Nice photo taj mahal agra india

Beautiful photo taj mahal agra india

3d tajmahal agra india

: Tajmahal Trivia / History :

It is believed that TAJ MAHAL a mausoleum based in Agra, India, that was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal.

Taj mahal was declared as Unesco World Heritage site in 1983.

Aurangzeb buried his father Shahjahan in Tajmahal where her wife mumtaz was buried.

Tajmahal is considered as one of the 7 wonders of the world.

One professor in India claimed that Taj mahal was a hindu temple built by hindu king.

Taj Mahal , Agra , is the best tourist attraction in india.

Monday, January 7, 2008

CAT 2007 result website

Hey. you can check cat 2007 result on

This year the CAT was conducted on Nov.19 2007. There is one notification from IIM that , they have cancelled one question from the evaluation due to the error in the cat paper 2007.
All the Best for the Results. Sabko IIM me admission mile. sabko 100 percentiles mile.

check cutoffs of bschools under cat 2007. click here.

IIM websites links : Indian Institute of Management Calcutta IIMC Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad IIMA Indian Institute of Management Bangalore IIMB Indian Institute of Management Lucknow IIML Indian Institute of Management Indore IIMI Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode IIMK

Xat 2008 analysis and cutoffs by TIME

XAT 2008 Analysis by Time

No. of Questions


Total Marks


Marking Scheme


Negative marking

¼ for first 6 wrongs & ½ thereafter*

Number of Sections


Number of Choices



120 Min + 20 Min for Essay

*The marks per question was not specified. An assumption of 1 mark per question has been made here.

Snapshot of the XAT 2008 paper

The break up of the XAT 2008 paper and an optimum time allocation strategy are given in the table below.


No. of Questions

Difficulty level

Optimum Time Allocation

Verbal & Logical Ability




Analytical Reasoning & Decision Making




Data Interpretation & Quantitative Ability




Verbal & Logical Ability
The expected score for this section should be around 8-10 in about 40 min. A score of 16+ should be considered excellent
The cutoff is expected to be around 9-10 for xat 2008 test.

Data Interpretation & Quantitative Ability
The expected score for this section should be around 7-9 in about 40 min. A score of 14-15 should be considered excellent. The cutoff is expected to be around 8-9 for xat 2008 test.

Analytical Reasoning & Decision Making
The expected score for this section should be around 9-11 in about 40 min. A score of 15-16 should be considered excellent
. The cutoff is expected to be around 10-1 for xat 2008 test.

Estimated Cutoffs for Sections for xat 2008 test

Verbal & Logical Ability - 9-10
Data Interpretation & Quantitative Ability - 8-9
Analytical Reasoning & Decision Making
- 10-11

Expected Overall Cutoff for xat 2008 test

Top Institutes

Expected Cutoff in Xat 2008

Overall Cutoff in 2007 (Percentile)









93.12 (88.4 for Orissa Quota)













Calendar 2008 free printable

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Symonds accuses Harbhajan singh for racial abuse

Symonds , the australian cricketer has accused harbhajan singh the indian cricketer for racial abuse. Today when 2nd test match is going on between india and asutralia there was some tutumeinmein between the 2 cricketers. Later Symonds and Ricky Ponting complained to match refree.

Whats wrong with symonds ?
When he was in india , he complained abouse racial abuse from indian crowd in the stadium , now he is complaining about racial abuse from harbhajan singh when indian cricket team is their guest in australia. This is the same team which insulted Sharad pavar on winning the miniworldcup. Australian cricket team is famous for sledging. They are rude. They are egoist. They are racial.

Kyuki Cricket Bhi kabhi gentleman ki game hua karti thi.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

India vs Australia Live score of 2nd test match

Watch Live score of test match between India and Australia . Get ball by ball score live update on this blog.

Schedule : India Tour of Australia ( Test Match )

India vs Australia 1st Test Match
Melbourne Cricket Ground26 Dec 2007
Australia vs India Live action starts from: 23:30 GMT (Prev. Day) (05:00 IST)

India vs Australia 2nd Test Match
Sydney Cricket Ground 02 Jan 2008
Australia vs India Live action starts from: 23:30 GMT (Prev. Day) (05:00 IST)

Micro Presentation Topics List for icfai business school

IBSAT result is out and here the topics for Micro Presentation on which all ICFAI aspirants need to give micro presentation on any single of the following presentation topics.

1. India US nuclear deal.

2. Reservations in higher education.
3. Foreign Universities in India.
4. Future of BPO 's/KPO's in India.
5. PSU disinvestment.
6. Exit option for the US from Iraq
7. Economic Co-operation between India and China.
8. The ethics of Sting journalism.
9. Indian MNC's
10. Reservations in the private sector.
11. Poverty, inequality and globalisation .
12. The WTO and India.
13. India in 2025.
14. Special economic zones .
15. The realty boom in India.
16. Skilled manpower shortage in India.
17. Global warming and climate change.
18. Use of force by banks to recover loans.
19. reverse brain drain.
20. India at 60 : a senior citizen ?
21. Film industry : Hollywood vs Bollywood.
22. Can India sustain high growth rate?
23. Unrest in countries around India.
24. Opportunities abroad for management graduates.
25. The decline of Indian agriculture.
26. Innovation in Banking.
27. Corporate social responsibility.
28. Retail boom in India.
29. Space tourism.
29. Infrastructure in india : What needs to be done.
30. E- learning : a substitute for classroom learning?
31. Terrorism : how do we manage it?
32. The influence of online social networks on our youth.
33. intellectual property rights.
34. Coalition governments and political stability.
35. Appreciation of the Indian rupee and its impact on the Indian economy .
36. Army rule in pakistan.
37. Suppression of human rights in myanmar.
38. Iran's nuclear programme.
39. Pakistan's nuclear bombs.
40. Elections in the USA.
41. National knowledge commission.
42. Rising oil prices.
43. Re-emergence of Russian power.

We will upload detailed content on all this micro presentation topics to help IBS aspirants so that it will help you in making slides for presentation.