Sunday, January 13, 2008

Photos : Kites and Uttrayan Festival celebration

Tomorrow on 14th January India is going to celebrate UTTARAYAN - The Kite flying day. Here are the designer kite photos and pictures of how Uttarayan the kite flying festival is celebrated in India and all over world.

Designer Kite Photo looks very beautiful in blue sky

Photo : Sky Full of Kites

A big colourful kite picture

Photo of designer kite

Kites of Indian Flag colours : Orange White and Green

Firki ( Threads ) with which indian fly kites ( patang ) on Uttarayan - Kite flying day.

A designer Kite photograph

Picture of cartoon Kites in the Sky

Photos of Celebration of Festival Kite flying day in India. People of India celebrating UTTARAYAN in terrace with family and friends.

Image of Indian Kite shop