Friday, September 24, 2010

Can Peepli live win oscar 2011 award

Aamir khan camp knows what it takes to make a Oscar material film. They know what kind of movies to make which can be first short listed by India as its official oscar entry and then give full efforts to get it selected into top Oscar nominations for particular category.

As Peepli live is India's official oscar entry for 2011 , People have started speculating about its chances for winning oscard 2o11 award.

Go on Facebook . Go on Twitter. Go on orkut. Switch on any Indian television channel. Now there will be a discussion on this topic. " Can Peepli live win oscar 2011 award " ?

I believe Peepli will win Oscar 2011 award as it has following strengths.

- Peepli live is made in rural outfit and not common foreign location shootings. Lagaan too had the same strenght. Osar jury is made of non Indians . Showing them a movie which is of rural set is new to them hence will be attractive .

- From the beginning only people were discussing that Peepli live will be india's official oscar 2010 entry for best foreign film category. I feel that this film was made for film festivals and Oscar kinda international awards .

- Aamir khan . A man whose film ' lagaan ' was nominated in best foreign film category in 2001 ,
but could not win due to tough experience and lack off lobbying experience required to win the Oscar award . But the guy has learnt lessons. He must have done lots of research about Marketing the oscar nominated film to the Oscar jury . After 9 years Now he must be knowing what it takes to win oscar award. And he will do everything to win the upocming academy award ( oscar award 2011 ) for his film " peepli live "

- Recognition of Indian talent in Oscar award. After Lagaan , last year 3 Indians won Oscar award. A R rehman , Gulzaar saab and Resul Pookutty . Once Indians have started winning oscar awards , the world will recognize the talent. Thought jury may not this that way intentionally but it happens.

What does your heart say ? Can Peepli live win oscar award ?