Friday, December 3, 2010

SIT narendra modi clean chit

Guys Here is breaking news of the decade.

SIT , Appointed by Supreme Court of India , has given clean chit to Narendra modi for his alleged role in Godhra riots 2002.

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra modi was defamed by all leading indian english media tv channels and news papers , now it is time to say sorry.

You Malgined the name of a Popular leader who won the Gujarat Assembly elections with majority two times. You made all efforts to bring him down , but the justice delivered.

SIT Gives Clean chit to narendra modi. Not only that , pseudo seculars tried fully to malign the name of Gujarat and Gujaratis just because they hate their same.

As SIT has given clean chit to Narendra modi , will he be Next BJP PM candidate for Lok sabha election 2014 ?

As sit has given clean chit to narendra modi , Should he now give interview to all channels including Sagarika ghose's Face the nation on CNN IBN and Karan thapar's Devils Advocate.

Till these years since 2002, Modi avoided Media on questions regarding Godhra riots 2002 , and for that he gave valid reason. narendra modi said , the case is in Supreme court , he is in power now his interview or comment on such topics can affect the judicial process.

As SIT has given clean chit to Narendra modi, Can the Media and other seculars move ahead with life ?