Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What not to do on FACEBOOK

As we all know, FACEBOOK is a virtual country where people from various nations stay :D There are jokes and poems created regarding Facebook addiction and all. While we all are mature to know what to do and what not to do in public, we make a mistake of Thinking Facebook as a pvt place.

You have not made this mistake ? Well done. What are other things which you should not do on Social networking sites like Facebook ?

(1) Never ever share your contact details. Specifically your phone number and residential adress. If you are on Facebok for marketing purpose and wants to sell product/service then it is alltogather different thing.

(2) Never share your personal issues with anyone on social network. Remember, Not everyone in your friend list are your friends. What is good for one may be bad for others. For example, You share how bad your teacher treated today in the classroom. Now, you might have added another teacher or a co-student who can share this with that teacher. If you don't care , then go on. But if you dont want to spoil your relationship with your teacher, do not post it. Same is true for all relations.

(3) Don't stop your relations on the basis of issues you discussed on Facebook. On Online forums it has been seen that people don't understand the exact msg of the opponents. You don't get to hear the voice hence you may misunderstand the tone of the language.

(4) Never ever Tag people in the pic in which they are not there. If your motive behind tagging them is not know abt particular pic, send them the link through private message on Facebook. I have personally removed many friends who just tag me on every image they upload on facebook.

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