Monday, January 25, 2010

Is Hindi national language of india ?

If you as an Indian have all your life with a notion that Hindi is National language of India , then i have bad news for you. Hindi is official language of India along with English and other state languages like Marathi, bhojpuri, kannad, malyalam, gujarati, marwadi, punjabi etc.

Declining a petition by 1 person who had asked the court to make it mandatory for all manufacturers and marketers of packaged goods to have all labellings in hindi, as Hindi is national langauge of india. To this the Gujarat Highcourt had asked the person to present any government announcement or any other govt document which says Hindi is our national language.

This topic has been discussed on orkut in the largest India community. And the didnt came as surprise to me as I already knew that Hindi is not national language.

However I am confused. What is the different between Official Language of India and National Language of India ?