Wednesday, January 20, 2010

IPL 2010 auction ignores pakistani players ?

The IPL 2010 auction took place today and almost all tv channels in india telecommuted it live.

The very first cricketer to be auctioned was Pakistani all rounder and t20 captain Shahid Afridi.
The base auction price of Pakistani cricketer shahid afridi was Rs. 1.5 crore. None of the IPL team owners made any bid to buy shahid afridi.

At the end of the day when IPL 2010 auction got over, all the pakistani players remain unsold.Non of the IPL franchise owners bought any pakistani cricketer. Indian media as well as Pakistan cricket board has made cry over this issue. Also, Pakistani players are disappointed by this.

None of Pakistani player could play in last years IPL 2009 which was held in South africa due to security reasons.

Pakisatani cricket team feels that Govt of India must have instructed IPL Franchise owners to not to buy pakistani players in IPL 2010 auction due to current political relations between two countries .

However , IPL chairman Lalit modi denied such allegations by saying that each IPL team has its own strategy on the basis of which they bid for players.

I also agree with this statement of lalit modi. For Example, Indian Cricketer Mohammed kaif was not selected in first round in todays IPL 2010 auction as none of team owners wanted to pay high amount for him.

People must understand that IPL is just business. and No India vs Pakistan issue should be given any air during this.