Tuesday, September 21, 2010

POWER India 2010 Exhibition Conference

POWER India 2010 energy Exhibition aims at helping accelerate the growth of power sector in India and thereby, assist in achieving the target, 'Power for All by 2012', through the following: -

· Highlight the status, projections in each segment in Power and related sectors and the opportunities offered for greater public-private participation

· Identify remaining roadblocks, if any, with the help of experts in the field, both from India and abroad and recommend how those could be removed/surmounted.

· Showcase latest technologies, products and services to harness power projects speedily, qualitatively and economically.

POWER India series of International Conferences & Exhibitions 'showcase' the Indian Power Industry to the World. After Nine successful Power India Exhibition & Conferences since 1999, POWER India 2010 energy Exhibition will cover all major technological & economic aspects of the Indian Power Industry, as well as highlight the opportunities available in the sector.

POWER India 2010 energy Exhibition will bring together technocrats, industry leaders and senior government officials from central and state governments as well as eminent experts from overseas, who have wide experience in the field of generation, transmission, distribution & maintenance and specifiers, consultants, contractors from the Power and related sectors. With a successful Eleven year track record, the 2010 edition will feature more than 200 exhibitors with an exhibit-display of approx 12,000 sq.mtrs

POWER India 2010 International Exhibition

Face-to-face meetings are the best way to do business, build meaningful relationships, demonstrate products or services, or interact with people who make the strategic decisions. POWER India 2010 will provide you with an ideal opportunity to meet the people who really matter to you and your business. As an exhibitor, this exposition offers a host of business opportunities viz.

- Power Projects - Opportunities for Industry
- Showcase of latest products, machinery, equipment & developments

in the industry for test marketing and generating business.
- Supply of plant machinery control equipment, projects, services etc.
- Transfer of Technology, investment and joint ventures
- Locate quality distributors and agents for your products
- Reinforce your commitment to the marketplace
- Keep up to date with what competitors are doing
- Generate sales leads at the highest level
- Interact with your market on a face-to-face basis
- Take advantage of ideal networking opportunities throughout the event

POWER India 2010 International Conference

A high profile technical conference with the Theme : “India Rising - To Build World Class Power Sector with Clean & Green Technologies” will take place concurrently with the exhibition, offering an additional platform for exhibitors to present their products and services to leading Indian and International industry players. Each session will be open to questions and answers to ensure the interaction of all participants and to discuss and evaluate the massive opportunities that are presented by India's power and energy companies. Visitors and Exhibitors can register for the technical conferences in advance.

'An Apex Advisory Council’ comprising leading power technocrats and senior government officials from central and state governments as well as international experts are assisting in planning the programme, which will include following sessions :-
- Hydro Power
- Nuclear Power
- Thermal Power
- New & Renewable Energy
- Feedstock - Coal, Uranium & Thorium
- Equipment for Transmission & Distribution
- Energy Efficient Plant Electricals
- De-Centralised Generation
- Rotating Equipments
- Plant Automation

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