Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yana forgot to wear underwear wardrobe malfunction

The latest trending topic on Twitter and Google India trends is 'Yana Gupta' , Yana Gupta Ward Robe Malfunction , Yana Gupta forgot to wear Underwear and so on ...

In the beginning I thought it is a rumor. But when reputed newspapers like Midday and Hindustan times published news about Yana gupta wardrobe malfunction and not wearing underwear , It came as a shock to me. The first thing comes to mind is ... This is a Publicity stunt. As Yana Gupta has just joined twitter. How can an actress who is a public figure can go in public wearing small clothes and forget wearing Undies ? Are we fools ?

On twitter she gave "Undies are comfortable During Rehearsals" seems to be a very unconvincing statement.

If you check Yana gupta wardrobe Malfunction pics on Midday website you feel that all this is scripted. This is India. Here women don't go to Public parties without undies.