Monday, June 14, 2010

Aamir khan Dont attend awards functions

Yesterday I was watching a bollywood award function on tv. R Mahvan was the host. He made one announcement which brought a pleasant smile on the face of audience consisting biggies of Bollwood.

R. Madhavan announce said for the first time in history of bollywood movie awards function , Aamir khan is going to come on stage. With this announcement , we saw Shahid kapoor coming on the stage imitating aamir khan. He made some fun of aamir's perfection philosphy of making films. But later on Both Shahid kapoor as well as Madhvan thanked the Ace Aamir khan for his contribution to the bollywood and indian cinema as a whole.

Without doubt Aamir khan is one of the best bollywood actors of all time. But ever thought why aamir khan does not attend bollywood awards function ? I tell you. I was watching his interview with rajat sharma on the show aaj ki adalat on India tv. He said he does not believe in bollywood movie awards. What he meant was , The deserving candidates dont win awards but only the lobbying one. So due to this Aamir khan does not attend award functions.